Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Perfect Weekend...

We had the absolute perfect weather this weekend. It was almost 80 degrees and sunny. That is absolutely unheard of in WNY. And I should preface this whole rave about the weather with the fact that on Thursday morning I woke up to two inches of snow, then on Friday it was 76 degrees, and by Sunday I had sunburn. The weekend was made even more awesome by the fact that my husband asked my MIL to watch the girls from Friday to Sunday so we could take the Harley out.

Saturday we took a relaxing Harley ride after doing some work around the farm, and capped it off with an awesome dinner at Red & Trudy's in Portville, NY. They have these totally unique loose meat hamburgers on a buttered and salted roll, can we say yum?

Sunday morning my mom and stepdad came out at about 9am, so Jay could fix their brakes. We had a casual breakfast out at the picnic table with Dodge (the goat) nearby to snag some Timbits. My BIL and SIL showed up, along with my dad and stepmom, my aunt and her fiance, and my MIL and FIL showed up with our girls a little later.
After an impromptu BBQ lunch we headed into the village to enjoy the Maple Festival. While there we did a little shopping and got a look at a very messy baby. See Daddy decided to give Miss Chevelle her own ice cream cone, and Miss Chevelle always thinks she needs to eat the bottom of the cone first allowing the ice cream to melt all over her.

We got back home and Maddy decided to get into her bathing suit to play with the hose. I stripped Ash down to her birthday suit so she could get wet too, and not only did she manage to pee two seconds after her diaper was removed but she proceeded to go ahead and poop (yes I said pooped). My darling 14 month old squatted and had a little poop on the lawn. I have to say that is the first time I have ever had to employ the pooper scooper for a human.

All in all it was a great weekend and by Sunday evening we were all a little knocked out from all the fresh air. I can only hope this will set the precedent for the entire upcoming summer. The only thing missing was my sister and Miss Dee. I do so miss them when we have family get togethers on the weekends.

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