Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh, the Joys of Teething...

This is Ash in the middle of the scariest hour of her young life. She woke up this evening screaming and proceeded to continue screaming for over an hour. Not only was she screaming she would not let me hold her. NEVER in her short life has she not let me hold her. She also would not accept her zombie monkey. She ALWAYS takes zombie.

This is the first real time of problems teething. The most she's ever had was a little bit of a runny nose and not wanting a bottle.

This was just not my happy baby. I cried when I realized she wouldn't let me hold her. She is a Mama's girl and this made me so sad. But after some medicine (including a mothers savior, teething tablets) my girl was back to normal.

Now I know you probably think I'm over reacting about how scary this was, but if you knew my girl you would know how out of character this is. I actually thought she was seizuring at one point. But now all is well she is snoring away in her crib.

Following morning she was right as rain. Ate normally, drank from her cup, was as cheerful as normal.

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