Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Baby The Klutz

Ash had a very terrible, horrible, no good very bad day (ah, how do I love Alexander the Great? Let me count the ways...). Actually it was more two days. Since having learned the art of walking at 11 months, my now 13 month old has had her fair share of missteps, tumbles, and outright falls. But starting yesterday it got worse. First she attempted to hold onto the tail of Yoda, the ugly pug, whilst he was spinning trying to catch his tail (dumb dog is 8yrs old and still does that). This resulted in her being spun around and falling head first into the coffee table. That would be bruise number one. Then today she tries to run while clapping her hands and doing her 'Axl Rose' dance. She proceeds to trip over thin air ramming her shin into the rocking chair that happend to be there to catch her fall. Later on today while at my Mom's for dinner, she banged her forehead no less than three times on the dining room table resulting in a nice bruise on the opposite side from the one she got taking on the spinning pug. My poor baby, somebody is going to call child protection on me. I don't know what to do with this kid, sometimes I think I should put her in a bubble like that kid from the wipes commercial. Tell me why my poor kid has the grace of an elephant?

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