Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of those days...

I'm sure we all have days wear nothing seems to go right. It started out fine with Maddy getting ready for school right on time and the baby sleeping in until 9am. But then it started with a massive argument with Miss Dee about whether or not pudding was a food group and if she could have it as part of her breakfast (she eventually won and was covered in chocolatey goodness). It then moved onto Ash trying to grab onto the tail of Yoda who was spinning in circles. This resulted in her being knocked off balance and hitting her head on the coffee table. She now has a large bruise on her forehead. Then came naptime.

I don't know what causes 3 yr olds to decide just not to listen, but man can they be persistent in their selective hearing. I decided to let the kids burn off some excess energy playing outside and did get some cute pictures.

She was trying to "read" me my book, lol.

Here's Dee and Ash sitting on the bridge Jay just finished so we can cross the creek and get over to the pig and chicken pens.

Miss Maddy grooming our neighbors goats.

Finally, we had dinner and baths and after huge fits about it being sunny out at bedtime, it is finally peaceful in the house. The rugrats are sleeping, and now its Mommys turn to lay down. Goodnight.

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