Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What my grandmother told me was true...

When I was younger my paternal grandmother would pick up some of us grandkids and we would go on little adventures. Sometimes she would take all of us to the movies, where she would employ us older kids into helping with the little kids and there million and one potty trips. Sometimes she would take us to the Buffalo Airport (prior to 9/11) to watch the planes take off and land, and to walk the terminal over and over. Our favorite adventure though was one as simple as a playground or park. She would take us kids to Glen Falls to feed the ducks, Island Park to wander around, or many other playgrounds. She would tell me little things from time to time being that I was the second oldest grandchild and someone to talk to. The one thing that always stuck with me was "all this fresh air and running around knocks them out everytime." Well now that I'm a Mom I try to use any wisdom I can find. So when it is a not so frigid day the kids and I are outside for as long as we can brave the cold.

Well when its not so nice out sometimes we need to invent things to do. Sometimes we roll down the hill in the backyard portion of our property.

Sometimes we put on our muck boots and slog through the creek.

Other times we just throw stones.

But in the end what my grandmother said is true...

A little bit of fresh air always knocks them out!

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