Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Happens When Mom Is At Work...

I only work 13 hrs a week at my "real" job. Thats only two days, Mondays and Saturday mornings. Well my husband tells me he is going to the local livestock auction to look for some pigs and a few layers to add to our flock. Next thing I know I am receiving this picture on my phone.

Yes that is the farthest thing from a pig or chicken as it could be. That would be a goat. Why my husband felt the need to bring this goat home I'll never know. But this is the newest member of our ever growing family. This is Dodge.

I have to say even though I felt extreme fear when I first realized I knew nothing about goats, I am now quite smitten with her. She is very affectionate and sweet. My girls just love her.

I guess we are now the proud parents of a moo cow colored goat. So I've spent all night on the computer learning everything I could about goats, order things for goats, etc etc. Lucky for us Jay had to run to the farm store for some chick supplies and got some food water dishes and salt lick. My neighbor brought over a few bales of hay, and Jay stopped at the feed mill for the chicks and got some goat grain. I have to say she is quite funny.

Gotta run, time to play with the new baby a little more.

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