Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Farm Life Has Now Started...

Well our pig pen and chicken coops are finished being built. We originally went to the farm store to get some supplies for the 6 month old layers and piglets we are getting next week. Then Miss Chevelle saw the baby chicks and went nuts. She got so excited she tried climbing in the pen with them. It was way too funny.

Jay, a.k.a. Mr. Softie, decided we had to get some babies right then. We had talked about getting some chicks to try out, but hadn't come up with a decision yet. Well he made the decision for us.

Right now they are in a temporary nursery, that is small making it easier to control the temperature. They are very cute, and man they can make me laugh. They jump up on each others heads peck the weirdest things. I am so excited. This is why I moved to the country so my girls could see all the different stages of growth. They will be helping to raise their own food. How cool is that?
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(This chick was sitting on its chickmates head, about two seconds after I took this picture the chick being sat on beat up the other one)

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