Monday, October 26, 2009

First Crushes...

As my eldest daughter is getting older she is starting to have all those little rights of passage that every girl goes through. First it was her body starting to change a little as she prepares for puberty (my freak out on that here) and now her first crush.

I find it amusing that a lot of girls first start crushing on some random piece of our media, whether a fictional movie character or even a book character. For me, although I can't remember my very first crush, I do remember getting all flustery and telling my mom I was going to marry Eddie. Yes I said Eddie, as in "Eddie and the Cruisers".

Isn't he dreamy?

When I was a little older and could understand the mechanics of love a little better I found myself falling for a more intelligent guy, the proverbial "nice guy". And thats when Lloyd Dobler became my crush.

Plus Llyod drove an awesome car. I find it totally awesome that my youngest daughter was given the middle name Chevelle after that very make and model. (Ashlyn Chevelle Malibu just doesn't have the same ring as Ashlyn Chevelle?).
Now my 8 year old comes to me telling me that she loves someone. I smirk a little and ask who. She proceeds to drag out our very worn copy of Twilight and points to Edward (Squeee Go Team Edward!). So I ask if she means the book Edward or the movie Edward, and she of course answers "the book mom, duh". She goes on to explain that when she's old enough for a boyfriend she wants one who has a super fast cool car and who will protect her from everything. I smile and think don't we all.

And now I sit here and think, wow my little girl is growing up. And wow, we have the same taste in emo vegetarian vampires!

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