Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a Random Rant...

Dear PCOS,

I hate you.


I really don't like using that word, but in this instance it is most fitting. I don't like how one little acronym can strike such fear, disgust,and loathing in one person. I hate having to define my life by this disease.

I have recently started eating more healthy again. I had started in December but unfortunately the holidays kinda threw that outta whack. So back on the bandwagon I am. I hate this counting calories stuff, but it is better for me to eat when I'm hungry and to end my love relationship with (too much) food.

For me carbs are my enemy. And when I say carbs I don't mean fruits and veggies (although fruits should be eaten in moderation due to their sugar content), I mean bread and starches. I love bread, but unfortunately it does horrible things to my blood sugar which in turn causes me to pack on pounds and not ovulate.

My birthday is in 3 weeks. I will be 28. This means my time to become a mommy again has been limited by 1 year. With Jay only being home 3 days a month it has limited our time to TTC also. I need to ovulate!!! The only way that will happen is to lose weight and regulate my insulin resistance. So healthier eating here I come!

I do alright sticking to my diet if I'm home. It's when I go to other peoples houses that things go horribly wrong. Maybe I'll just stay home and hibernate for a few months?


I just want to be a mommy again.

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