Friday, February 5, 2010

Backyard Sledding, Just Another Reason I Love Living in the Country

Today my sister brought her daughter and step-daughter over for a playdate with me and Ash. It was a nice 27 degrees outside so I had them bring their sled for a little backyard sledding.

While Bean was uber excited about going outside she decided she does not walk in snow and it was Mama's job to carry her or pull her in the sled constantly (Diva!).

We had so much fun! we stayed outside for about an hour, until everyones cheeks were red, noses were running, and I didn't think I could pull a children laden sled up the hill even one more time.

These are the times I'm glad we moved out of the city into the middle of nowhere. How else would my children experience shoo-ing a turkey off their own personal sledding hill?

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