Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dusting Off My Green Thumb...

Winter has been getting me down. So it was time to start cheering myself up.

I started getting all my seeds together. Somehow my lovely husband misplaced about 30 packets of my seeds, but for the moment I'll forgive him because I won't need them for awhile.

Seeing as March starts tomorrow that gives me about 8 weeks before I can plant anything outside. And that is being cautious. Where I live our last possible frost date is June 1st, so by putting things outside a month early that means there are nights I have to run out and cover all my plants.

Tonight I started up my grow light and heating pad. I planted dill, basil, cilantro, rosemary, holly hock, and sweet pea.

I have grand dreams of having fragrant sweet pea and holly hock growing outside my bedroom window. I tried planting them last year but I waited until too late in the season and they never took hold. So I'm starting them early this year.

(**I should mention it is still snowing outside**)

(This is where my holly hock and sweet pea will go, my pond is somewhere under all that snow)

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